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AIMEX's prime activity is to supply and sell innovative products, services and solutions in government and defense security systems. We maintain a culture of serving clients with a full breadth of superior performance communications solutions. Armed with product development capability and strong understanding of the defense market, we are able to develop your products and deliver the right quality. By working closely with the defense technology and communications industry, AIMEX develops products, provides integrated solutions, and brings the future of communication and electronics to them for today and the future. The result for our customers - improved efficiency, enhanced security and reduced cost.


Our products also include a wide range of tactical and military supplies. We offer surveillance equipment, test and measurement equipment for the Defense market. We help our clients by customizing their products and assist them to have a successful launch of products in their own market. This has resulted in a number of unique developments, which has enabled the company to establish its reputation for reliability, quality and performance. Thus, we have secured a number of governmental and defense contracts, for the supply of various high tech products.

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